Heart sunk today, false positives


So pardon if my punctuation is off at all but this is a rant and how I feel also trying not to cuss I'm so devastated we have been trying for our first child.

So earlier this week a few days ago I took a off brand of pregnancy test because it was cheaper. I got 2 positives and of course my hopes went way up like most people's do when they get a positive none the less 2 so I sent a photo of them to a few of my friends excited because they were the ones I knew I could share with and they informed me right away not to get my hopes up because they used that same brand before and got a bunch of false positives and so this morning with fmu I tested with a better more expensive brand I and everyone else I know trusts and low and behold it was negative just like I feared I had gotten false positives and I immediately felt my heart drop because a test that is being sold in my local store had made me a victim just like a bunch of other woman before me and probably so many after of a false positive not just 1 but 2 of them 2 FALSE POSITIVES and everyone else I've talked to has had the same thing happen how in the world can this brand still be aloud to be put on shelves crushing the hopes of people all the time my husband and I were so excited thinking after a while of trying it finally happened and it didn't he came home from work and I had to tell him the crushing news and I bawled most of the day because it's so devastating because most the time if you get a positive its actually a positive and this time it was not! Why in sam heck are these tests being sold I now understand probably one of the many reasons when my friends have gone in for their baby check ups the doctor double checks that ur pregnant because guess what you might not be because of a crummy faulty test I'm so mad and upset and full of sadness and depression right now because of this and it sucks to know even more woman are going to buy that test and have the same thing happen to them!