13 days late

Alexis • Married❤️ army wife💚 mommy of 2 pups🐶🐶

So all of my tests have looked like this. I haven’t had anything more than a faint positive, come to find out, my mom was the exact same way with all three of her pregnancies. After 2.5 years and multiple chemical pregnancies im trying extremely hard to not get my hopes up. This is the first time I’ve gone this long without a period and every morning having faint positive pregnancy tests. Normally by now I’d be experiencing some type of severe cramping or negative tests, and honestly i feel pregnant and i feel like this is finally it. I guess I’m just looking for insight, and hoping I’m not driving myself crazy🤦🏻‍♀️

Also my dr is making me wait a week to get a blood test🙄

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