3 miscarriages in 10 months, pregnant again... help!


So to cut a long story short I need fertility drugs to fall pregnant and had 3 miscarriages - last one in February. All recurrent miscarriage tests came back clear - just bad luck! But was told to take an aspirin.

I said I was taking a break but still having sex as it’s taken over 3 years to fall pregnant once and docs always said I need clomid to fall pregnant.l, just done a test... positive!

Thing is I want to keep it to myself for at least a week as my partner will just panic about me as last time I passed out at 5 weeks and ended up in hospital and I feel like I don’t want to worry about him dealing with it too.

What do you think? Also doc said to take baby aspirin whenever I fall pregnant. I did this the last time? What do you think?