Am I dating a bum?

When I met him, he had a job that paid more than minimum wage and he was a single father to his infant. A couple weeks ago he found out the child wasn’t his and had to return him to the mother. Then he lost his job due to “not learning fast enough”. His mother is now paying all of his bills and his credit cards. He keeps claiming he knows all of these people he can “beg” for a job but he never does. It doesn’t really seem like he is trying to get a job at all. He also has been going to AA meetings yet still drinking (although not enough to get drunk or near it). He’s 27, jobless, being supported by his mother and no longer has a kid. I tend to not care about these things as long as he’s ok but he doesn’t seem to be trying to better himself. It’s hard to tell if this is just a rough patch or his new lifestyle..