So june 26 me and my boyfriend did it for the first time but eithout a condom. He pulled out way before anything could happen tho. Then july 11th we did it again but we used a condom, again he pulled out before. I was so scared that i was pregnant that the day i was suppose to get my period I took 2 pregnancy tests. Both were negative. Then july 22nd i ended up in the hospital for an ulcer. All of this had me stressed to the ends of the earth. Obviously they have to test if you’re pregnant before they can give you medicine. Anywho im one day late on my period as of today. I haven’t had sex since july 11th and im still terrified that im pregnant even tho i took 2 pregnancy tests, a urine test, and a blood test. Am i just being super paranoid? Or can stress cause me to be late? I don’t have cravings or breasts that hurt and im not showing. Someone help me please.. my boyfriend and sis both agree its stress bc ive been worried for the past 2 months almost 3 and its making my anxiety sky rocket