Is it legal for your doctor to induce you without your knowledge, consent or permission?

Kennedy • I have a beautiful daughter, and my 2nd due in August ❣️

My son is now a month old. But to get here was hell. When I was 37 weeks and 2 days I had an appt. at my Obgyn, did an ultrasound, and nst. Well they told me they were checking to see how dilated I was (had been at a 3 for over a week and still was). When the doctor was checking it felt different and more painful, I didn’t say anything because I had been puking all day and didn’t feel good. Two days later, I go into labor. I go to the hospital once my contractions are 1-2 min. Apart. They told me they couldn’t give me anything or induce me until I progressed to 4cm dilated. 20 minutes later I had went from 3cm-5cm. I had asked for an epidural when I got there but they said I had to wait until I was at a 4. Well once I reached 5cm they FINALLY called for blood work (I didn’t know they had to do that first & wait for the results before they could even call for the epidural). They didn’t come to take my blood until he was almost out. I went through everything all natural. No pain meds, no epidural. It was excruciating! The WORST pain of my entire life.

Come to find out, my midwife had told me my doctor swept my membranes two days prior when they told me they were only checking to see how dilated I was. I am pissed. Not only did they not mention it to me, therefor I progressed so quickly and wad in an immense amount of pain but they put my sons life in danger considering I wasn’t even 38 weeks.

Please, is this aloud? Is this legal? I haven’t had a follow up appt. yet so I haven’t got to say anything but my appt. is coming up soon.