What a F÷$k%ng Night! 😡

To sum up this night

I went out for a great night and ended up wasted AF!!

Anyway, Don't bash me but just listen...Or read! I go out with a friend who is always out and having fun. I haven't been out in at minimum 3 years for legitimate fun! I spot a guy from the crowd of friends around and think BAM, I'm screwing him tonight (again, PLEASE DO NOT BASH) We're all drinking, literally everyone in our group, and having fun. I inquired about this guy who is 24, I am 29, to my friend and she mentions he is the brother of a guy she has an extreme crush on.

So, I asked her if she'd be okay with me fucking her guy friend's (who is also 29) brother and she looked at me crazy and said girl no and that she is hoping his brother will get on board too. I asked her if she liked him or had any kind kf feelings for him and she said NO. She said she only knows him because of his brother. Well she found his friend attractive (this guy is 28), this is the friend of the guy I asked her about, and I said well, let's all Lyft back to my place for the night and have fun!! They were fine with that because my place is big enough...

Long story short, things get really hot and heavy in the car, people are watching in amazement which turned me on completely so we're at 2nd base 10000% kissing touching and all! His focus was completely on me and me on him.

Well, my friend ends up fucking the guy I asked her about and then tried to act like she didn't know she did it, this is the same chick who started flirting with another guy who I expressed interest in and I later turned him down because he turned me down for her! Fucked her and then tried to come back to me.. She saw no problem with this.

I may be in for some bashing here but I am legitimately upset right now! This is the 2nd time she's done this shit overall! I know the saying first time you aren't to blame but 2nd time you are. Any time after that you're plain stupid.

Do I have a right to feel this way? I am not severally pissed or anything but feel like, why do this to ME? YOUR FRIEND!!

I don't care for the guy honestly. He was just a fuck but damn. Allow me to do me! What I mean by this is, if you say you don't like him want him or anything then I take that at face value.

Correct me where I am wrong, If I'm wrong. I'm okay with different opinions and perspectives.

Thanks y'all

***TO ADD*** He and I did want to fuck. He spotted me before I spotted him. Some how as we all were moving in a circle dancing, I ended up dancing on him and we danced for the rest night! He asked, I had ever been with a skinny guy before and that's when things sort of picked up AND THEN I INQUIRED TO MY FRIEND ABOUT HIM. I wouldn't have offered my place had I known they really just needed a place to go to fuck each other or that she didn't want to be left out b/c she's in a on and off again relationship (none of my business, no judgement from me) & Y'all are absolutely correct, they are 2 consenting adults and can do what they please that part I am not mad about. I am/was upset that she wasn't honest. Yes, I brought them into a sexual situation with the understanding that she wanted to screw his friend and that she was not interested in the guy I asked about AT ALL! I think I should have added that, she's been in my position before and wasn't too fond of it happening to her. It's not a big deal as I am making it but it's the principle to me. If they wanted to fuck and didn't have a place to go to do it, then why agree to the setup? Or at the very least tip in and be honest. That's all I'm saying


So before I could talk to her about it, she said she wanted to get to him first because she lied about not liking him and felt "some type of way" when he expressed his interest in me also. (I didn't know he asked her about me). So now I don't feel too bad and see how really messed up that was but I wasn't wrong!

**The Thots gone wild comment was completely unnecessary while also a little funny because that's whatit sounds like a little but We live our lives differently than most but you have no room to call us "thots" you don't know me all you know is this post... because at the end of the day, we all have had several sexual partners. And if not, then the vast majority. You could've kept that shit to yourself and respect that the life we live is our business. I wasn't asking what you thought about us, I asked about the principle of the situation.** We are single swingers to be honest and in the swinging world there are dos and don'ts. Everyone sets the play by play and what we're all comfortable with and not comfortable with.