Parents want me to wait till marriage with boys.

So i am 17years old , very good at school and i never made something bad that would be a reason ,my parents would not trust me.And i am in an relationships for 2years.We are vey happy and we both support each other and love each other.We live in the same small city and there js this problem.Listen,we are two years together and yeah ,we both know that we are in a "young relationship" .And we respect that fact that it is not so welcoming to bring your partner home after half year of being together.We are 17and that would be a no go.So we both talked and made a decision that it is cool and we will wait till we are "longer together" and than we can go to each other home and ge to know the parents and so on..BUT my mom didn' like him when she saw him once.And she knows that he has a lot "girl" friends at school because he likes to help them and talk to them when they need a guy in an deep conversation.So she really thinks that he is an fuckboy and that he is not good for me.But she does not know how he knows me and that we aren't tigether just for fun,just do hoke up.We need each other to talk.That is the key in an relationship!I and his family were on a dinner together two months ago because now,after 2years ,they see that we mean it.That we want to be together.And they wanted to meet me and talk to me.It was good.But they don't want that,that i would go to them home,because they thinks that we should wait at my mom .She should support that and she wouldn't be happy if she heard of this.Becauseee when i got home from dinner she was mad at me,that i am a kid,and that this is not normal at this age.Why do i talk to his parents and bla bla.She thinks that you only get to know the parents when you are going to get married.So yeah.I don't know what to do.Everybody my age sleep by each other after one year and everything iz okay.But i am not chasing to sleep by him.I just want that moment ,that i could just sit with him on an couch and talk,watch a movie and just hang out when it is outside snowing.Now?Now we have to hang out outside,in parks,go eat somewhere,cinema ,swimming and the worse time is when it is cold outside.You can't go home and warm each other under a blanket.No ,you have to go on an walk in an forest ,when it is snowing,freezing..I don't know.Is it really so so off to be in an relationship by 17?Is it to much to ask for just hanging out together on an couch?Eh..