I need some advice .. possible miscarriage


So I’m about 5 weeks and 6 days according to my last period , for the past 4-5 days iv been having consistent cramps thinking “okay maybe this could be normal, cramps are normal this early ..right?” Well then yesterday at 4 in the morning I had some light spotting accompanied by strong period cramps when I wiped but nothing more later that day, the cramps intensified and my dr recommended I go to the er to have testing done (btw I haven’t had any blood tests or ultrasounds since I’ve found out I was pregnant) anyways so I go to the hospital , they draw blood and do an ultrasound , when my blood results came back they told me my HCG level was 2,800 , which I think is a little low ... during the ultrasound the woman kept making comments about how tiny I was and couldn’t see anything so I asked her to elaborate and she said she can see the sac but nothing inside .. so I asked if that was normal and she just said your probably just earlier than what you think . So I started thinking that maybe something didn’t go right , I had a gut feeling that something was wrong from when I first started cramping . So I get back to the room they put me on fluids and the NP comes in to talk to me and tells me that since my levels are right about where they can just start seeing things that it’s still to early to see anything, he continued on to explain that what they could see on the ultrasound was basically just an empty gestational sac and that they couldn’t find a yolk sac or a fetal pole... so I left and made a follow up for monday, I’m just concerned about all of this because I still have yet to experience any pregnancy symptoms , I haven’t had any nausea at all since I’ve found out , this is my third pregnancy and I can tell you that my first two were TERRIBLE I mean I had morning sickness from 5 weeks and so on.. deep down something doesn’t feel right and I’m scared I might have had a blighted ovum or maybe it could be to early but I know my body.. and it just doesn’t feel right as much as I’m trying to stay positive I still have to consider the reality of it all. I’m still cramping after all of this still no morning sickness so I take it as a sign my levels aren’t going up as they should. If anything I’m started to feel less pregnant everyday 😥 any other moms have this?? I’m trying to stay positive for myself and my boyfriend but... it’s hard .