16 week appointment UK


What happens there? I’ve been for my 12wks 4 days scan and she told me everything looked good. My midwife has made an appointment for me and put it on my online notes but hasn’t told me about it or called me to let me know in advance so my mum could book a day off work? (She’s been taking a lot off so she has to know 2 weeks before so they can get others in) also it’s basically 2 weeks away so I’m worried if she leaves it too late also? Is it normal to have a 16 week appointment for first baby or? Just want to know if it’s a definite appointment or Appointments for 2nd time mums? I’ve been told you get to listen to the heartbeat but is it for sure or? As far as I know it’s with my midwife, is there anything else she does? Sorry for a lot of questions we would just really like to listen to the baby’s heartbeat as we didn’t get to at the scan we only got told it’s present and got to see it beating but I thought we would of got to hear it.