Cousin issues


Okay so long story short my cousin who is 20 who lives in Colorado (I’m 22 and live in Indiana) has started to unravel and get out of control in her depression. She’s starting to talk about how she doesn’t belong here and she doesn’t want to be here. Her meds aren’t working and she’s more depressed then she ever has been. I had no idea that she was even depressed or was on meds. Tonight she called me and was bawling telling me how she can’t be alone right now and needs help and wants me. She’s never been “needy” or ever cried out for attention. She’s always been independent and strong but she has hidden this from me because she was embarrassed. She thinks she is a failure and clearly needs help from a professional. I offered to buy her a plane ticket to me and we will find her help her and let her get away for a while. I offered her a spare room at my house and offered to help get a job here or transfer here. She doesn’t want to leave Colorado because she’s in her 3rd year of college and doesn’t want to disappoint our family even more than she thinks she has. I don’t want her to be alone and she doesn’t want to talk to her father or boyfriend or mother. She has poured her heart out to me and I feel like I HAVE to go out there and help her and I really want to try to bring her home with me. She has been hinting and suggesting her moving here with the rest of our family but doesn’t want her father to be alone or be disappointed in leaving school for a semester or a year. I think she needs it. I think she needs to get away from what is causing these triggers and then go back home when she’s healthier.

So plot twist my boyfriend and I just bought a new house in January and I quit my full time job earlier this month and have been working a part time job and start college full time in two weeks so money is tight. The timing is awful but I do have the next 2 weeks off of my part time job so I feel like I have to go out to Colorado to be there for her while she gets the help she needs. Do you think that’s the best option or should I help from Indiana? Tickets are cheap around 170$ for a round trip and I can afford it but I’m worried that me going may not be the only possibly option to help her.

Please give me advice before I buy this plane ticket and leave tomorrow for a week.