I don’t get along with my mother, need advice!


I want to know your thoughts. Make a long story short my mom gave us whatever we wanted as far as materialistic things. We were very hard working kids. Did chores, did well in school, had jobs etc. Growing up she was physically and mentally abusive. She tends to block out what she did and said. I think she has issues but she never did anything to get help. Now I have kids and she is very controlling but doesn’t see it. The other day she was “stressed out”. She’s a retired teacher who is now married to a very wealthy man so her version of stressed I just don’t see. We were invited over her house so we could see her friend who was visiting. She wanted to leave with her friend to go blueberry picking and naturally my son wanted to go with her. She didn’t want him to come and said “if you complain that you are hot I will put you in the hot car”. Obviously that didn’t sit well with me. I am very sensitive because growing up I never knew what she was going to say or do. So I told her if she says anything like that again she will not see my kids. She is now very upset with me because I said that. Now I’m feeling guilty but I want to protect my kids!! Help!