Just need a little encouragement. 😔

Ok, so this last Wednesday i went to my hospital due to having contractions, when i fisrt got there they were 7 minutes apart but this is my 3rd baby so they wanted me to come in anyways. I was 36+5. They checked me and i was 2 cm dilated, then they checked me an hour later and i was at 3cm. They kept me in triage for 6 hours because they wanted me to at least get to a 4. Which I finally did so i was admitted. My last two kids i had to be induced and so i have never done things this way before. Ive never gotten so dilated on my own or started contractions like this on my own. This was all new to me. Anyways, over night i continued to contract and they became 4 minutes apart, but i was making no progress. They checked me for the last time at midnight and was still a 4 and still only 50%. I opted out of being checked the rest of the night until my dr came because i was literally sooooo sore down there. Dr got there at 8am and unfortunately i still had made no changes so i was sent home. Still contracting regularly still hurting but there is nothing they could do for me at this point. So here i am 37+1 still contracting but now 3 mins apart. I seen a nurse yesterday just to be sure everything was still the same and it was. Now obviously i wanna keep my baby in long as possible but this is so frustrating. Im in pain and im struggling to continue my normal with my 8 and 6 year olds at home. I however found out the reason they will not help labor progress is because insurance will not cover any of the birth before 39 weeks. So ill be sitting like this for 2 more weeks unless my body decides to pick things up. I could just cry and cry. I feel so selfish, but so miserable at the same time..