What would you do?


I am due with my son on 10/31. We recently bought a house that can now accommodate family dinners and holidays. I do NOT want to take my newborn out to 3 different houses and around a ton of people on his family's side who 1. Refuse to get the Tdap vaccine 2. Dont listen to my rules when it comes to my children and 3. Smoke inside their house and dont wash their hands or change their clothes afterwards. Not to mention it will be the start of flu and RSV season. His mom asked what our plans were for thanksgiving and I said I was cooking at home since I will be off on leave and can do so this year. She LOST HER MIND! She said she always cooks for thanksgiving and she cant believe we would keep her newest grandbaby from her on his first holiday. She could easily just come to us for a few. If we went to her house wed only be there for like an hour because we would then have to go to 2 other houses to make it fair. No one else has an issue with coming to us. Just her. 🙄

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