Am I Pregnant? (Ladies help)

(Edit since some people are actually disgustingly rude without all the information: He sometimes used condoms and sometimes pulls out. But not both at the same time, so there’s a chance of pregnancy. Yes, we are ready to have kids and I’m not worried if I am.)

I’m 4 days late for my period, I’ve taken tests and they’re negative (although I think it’s too early for a test)

Ive tracked my period since 2018 and it’s never even like a 2 day difference apart. If anything it’s always early or the same day

I’m sexually active but he always wears a condom OR pulls out before ejaculating.

I’ve had symptoms like sore nipples and mood swings and more hungry and thirsty than normal which is normal for before a period for me BUT I think that also pregnancy symptoms??

Let me know what you think!