Husband goes to work only he’s allowed to get some sleep with newborn

So this morning as my husband is getting ready for work I’m fixing our almost two week old daughter another bottle. And I definitely had an attitude with my husband because it’s currently going on 9 hours that I’ve been kept awake to take care of her while he just sleeps peaceful through the night.

So of course i go on to tell him I’m exhausted meanwhile you’re just doing nothing. He then pulls that “ well i have to work “ card. And I’m by no means a stay at home mom meaning I’m going back to work too in 4 weeks. I mentioned that to him and he basically said when i go back to work then we can rotate.

If I’m overreacting btw please let me know but as a young ftm with not one ounce of help , it’s just blowing my mind how selfish he’s being . I mean sure i get it you have to work but that doesn’t mean I have to give up days of sleep just for you to have enough energy at your bullshit 9-5 desk job at a storage facility that doesn’t even get busy.

I’ve literally been locked up in this house doing all the cooking, cleaning , etc taking care of her by myself since I have no family or friends in this state .... but according to my husband I don’t seem to need any sleep until I’m back at work. And I could bet my last dollar that when I return to work I’ll still be doing everything by myself.