Baby Hailey is here at 33 weeks


I had a doctor appointment on July 25 during the check up I found out I was dilated 3 cm. My dr. sent me to the hospital to be monitored to make sure they wasn’t in labor. When I got to the hospital the OBGYN that was my first on duty checked me and I was 4 cm so he decided to send me to a hospital that had a NICU ( MUSC). The dr. gave me some kind of medicine to stop labor which was not a good feeling I felt like I was burning up. MUSC 3 hours away from where I was so when I arrived to there I was 6 cm. The drs. There did so many preventions but they only worked for only 24 hours. July 26 around 5:30 pm my contractions started picking back up so the drs. Started back with trying to prevent her for coming early but nothing worked so they told me we just had to wait and see what my body was going to do. I was stuck at 6 cm 90% effaced just stuck but her station kept changing. When they checked me at 7:30 I was 6cm 90% effaced-3 station, 11 pm I was 6 cm 90% effaced-1 station, 3:30 am I was 6cm 90% effaced 0 station . At 5 am they bust my water because obviously she was coming rather I wanted her to or not. After they bust my water the contractions were unbearable I started asking for any kind of medicine that wound up me ( I really wanted to go natural) but I talked to my husband and decided to stick one thing form my birth plan and went natural. At 6:12 I felt like I had to push so I called the nurse and I was still 6cm 90% effaced station +2. She was like don’t push because you might tear your cervix but at 6:13 my body started pushing on its own I was so scared I just kept pushing the call button until someone said something was was like my body pushing I’m trying to stop but it won’t stop they came running in the room trying to get everything ready but it was too late for that. I yelled and told my husband the head coming out my husband got up to look and one of the nurses was coming to look but by time the nurse came she had to run to the bed to catch my baby. All I could do was cry and say I’m sorry. They told me don’t be sorry because my body knew what to do. They told me I went from 6cm to 10 cm and 100%effaced just that fast. So here is my precious baby. She is 3 weeks now.

*************Update: My baby girl came home August 27.