Deflated by husbands comment

So my husband and I decided to start trying in September (more his choice than mine I wanted to try ASAP, but compromised).

I started tracking everything from the end of July and told him I was taking OV strips to check my cycle so when we tried we had a better chance... anyway during my fertile time in August (which I had mentioned in passing to him) he just went for it and stopped using protection. I was so pleased we got to start a bit earlier and got the impression he just wanted to try and not put pressure on it by knowing ovulation etc.

Anyway I’ve been avoiding alcohol and caffeine etc for a month now to help my chances and he just said why are you bothering, I said well I could be pregnant so better to be safe...and he said well your not pregnant are you so stop being ridiculous.

It just confused me and deflated me, I was so excited to see if I was if my period was late and his comment was just random. If I am pregnant I’m almost worried at his reaction ☹️ but we have talked about it loads and we both want it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Sorry for long post just needed to vent.