Accused of cheating

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and in the past two months he’s accused me of cheating on him with two different people. These two different people have absolutely nothing to do with me - I know one of them because he goes to my college and one of them went to school with us but he was in the year above us.

With the first boy, my boyfriend saw that he had liked one of my Instagram pictures and jumped to conclusions saying if he found out anything had happened there would be consequences. No matter how many times I told him he had nothing to worry about, he wouldn’t believe me.

With the second, the same Instagram scenario happened again but when we went through the rigmarole of me saying that he has nothing to worry about he said he accuses me of cheating because he’s scared of losing me.

Can anyone please give me any advice. His evidence for me “cheating” is somebody liking my Instagram photos. I know he might be insecure but it really drags me down every time he accuses me because I can’t understand why he doesn’t trust me.