If you were in a relationship, would u be friends with someone who seems to have a crush on you?

So hear me out. 1. I’m in a wonderful relationship, my bf is my light 2. I struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life and its finally gone (couldn’t have done it without my bf’s support) 3. Depression and anxiety always made it hard for me to make friends & I never really talked to many people at work. 4. Finally getting out of my shell, and meeting new people around my office. Been making work friends and one of the friends I’ve made has made remarks that makes me feel like he has a crush? (Like I got bangs and he said “I like the bangs. I’m a big fan of bangs” or I mentioned I’m going to the gym & he said I already look amazing.) I obvs don’t wanna read into it cause it could also be nothing & I do mention I have a bf to him and all, but he’s also invited me to happy hours, or said we should do something outside of work (with no mention of others just us) so... idk, he’s a cool guy and easy to talk to... but I don’t wanna cross any lines.

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