I’m at my whits end

My daughter is 4 months old. From the day we brought her home until now, she does nothing but scream in the car. Unless I can get her to fall asleep before we leave in her car seat, she screams and cries until she’s out of her car seat.

She’s been fed and has a clean diaper. She’s not too hot or too cold. She has toys and I sit in the back with her almost every time. She still screams. We’ve had her pediatrician check her car seat and it’s not too tight or pinching her at all. She just hates being in it. I don’t know what to ’e anymore, I’m going literally insane every time I’m in the car with her. It’s so miserable to go anywhere and my whole family has to stay home most of the time because of it.

She has the Chico fit2. We’ve tried having her in the toddler position and she hates that too, she has a mirror as well. We play white noise every time we’re in the car. It does nothing