Should I get a divorce

Like I’m married I’ve been dating him for 4 years and got married a few months ago I love him and he loves me he’s the love of my life but now our sex life is ruined now he barely wants to do it he doesn’t eat me out like before or finger me just puts it in he tells me that after thunder comes the light that he feel good in this relationship and that he has a lot of dreams and plans for us but I tell him that sometimes love isn’t enough and that I man that can satisfy me before I was satisfied we did it every day now we do it like only once or twice a week and when I’m about to orgasm he doesn’t want to keep going because he came already we were always happy we never argued now almost every day since I was pregnant he just wanted doggy style sex he didn’t even want me to get on top all the time he was like I don’t want to hurt the baby now he’s scared to keep going because he’s scared to get me pregnant again and I was on birth control but now I’m off it I’m going to get my tubes tied he tells me that he loves me and that it’s not all about only sex in a relationship I’ve told him about our problem but I don’t know if there is going to be a solution to fix this relationship he comes from work and just uses his phone watching funny videos on Facebook yeah he hugs me and kisses me and says that our relationship is fine that he hasn’t seen how it has changed