11 week old not eating much


My baby is 11 weeks old and she’s not been eating as much as before.

She usually scoffs down a bottle of 4oz with no problem, sometimes she will even do 5oz. But for the past few days she’s barely wanting even 3oz.

I’ve tried to force the bottle a little but she either gets really angry and starts crying or she spits it all up. She will literally push the bottle away or close her mouth shut.

I’ve checked her fontalle and it’s not sunken, she’s got a normal amount of wet diapers. She’s also very active, smiley and giggly most of the day. Sleeps decently well other than her usual “witching hour” period in the evening.

She doesn’t show any hunger signals and neither does she cry, we we’ve just gone and tried to feed every 3-4 hours. I usually feed on demand but she’s not even showing “demand” to eat.

Is this normal or should I pay a visit to her paediatrician?