Best way to leave an abusive relationship with kids?

Physical emotional and verbal abuse

By abuse I mean

**He admitted he got me pregnant without me knowing with our 1st child by secretly cutting the tips of the condoms off and I had NO idea...

** I tried to leave him for someone else and next thing I know he’s proposing to me days after I told him I wanted out and I said yes we got married

** We got married in 2007, He didn’t say ‘I love you’ until he got arrested with aggravated assault on our 2nd child in 2008.... than didn’t say again until 10 years later

In 2017 he weirdly asked if I was sneaking out the back door to cheat on him

I CANNOT drive

I CANNOT go anywhere without him

If I laugh at another’s jokes he thinks I wanna fuck them

He’s facing charges for choking throwing me and hitting me he gets sentenced sept 11

He calls me coldhearted, heartless, I have 0 feelings

When my dad passed away unexpectedly he showed no apathy nothing no support from him

When I was in a severe accident same thing no concern nothing he was more about being on his cell than coming back with me to the ER

There’s more but

How do I leave with my kids?

Our couple therapist said to me alone she’s VERY concerned

She said when she asked about past physical abuse I said YES he said NO

She’s been concerned for a while

The current abuse charges that are pending he said he did nothing wrong but I did for turning him in

He said if I were to stray he’d stay to make sure I wasn’t going to be with others because he loves me