How to get over my boyfriend

My boyfriend has been flirting with girls online, I told him many times to stopped. I even cried in front of him. He tells me that he will stop and he keeps on doing it again. I went to go see him to ask for explanation. And the whole time he wouldn't even look at me when I began to question him. I want to get over him. I wish I can take a pill and lose all feelings for him. He is my second boyfriend. What should I do to slowly lose feelings for him? Someone told me to not see him as much as I do. Someone told me to make a list of the pros and cons. Everyone tells me that I deseve better. My heart hurts. My friends are warning me to get away from him before I get trap and ended up having his baby. He's the real why I'm not in college right now, I put my life on hold to help him. He already tells me that I wouldn't be able to handle college, that it would be to hard for me. I only have like two friends and they are both tired of him.