Don't be afraid to say negative, I want honest!!


So to shut the nagging worry /anxiety of "but what if you are" I took a test this morning. Looks like a negative to me, but there's something kinda where there should be a line, evap line maybe ??

Little backstory that maybe will help why I took today's test . I had a miscarriage early June (I was 9weeks, all bleeding was done by June 12th and HCG levels to "not pregnant"), had a period five weeks later (July 18-21st).

Fast forward to now, my fiance' and I have decided to "try without trying" for our rainbow baby. I noticed some early morning nausea when I first wake up early last week (it goes away once I'm up and moving) and my boobs are doing their own weird thing (one day my nipples are sensitive, another day my boobs are sore, next they're fine just seem heavier, then back to normal) and I have had a lot of lower back pressure the last two days. I've had barely there super light pink spotting at the start of the week as well and am a little confused about what the hell my body is trying to tell me.

I have no real clue when I ovulated (wasn't paying attention, and we decided we're not going to use tests just yet), and my period is still a week away. All my apps say something different about my fertile week. Glow say August 2nd-8th, Clue says August 6th-12th and Fitbit says August 10th-16th