Need some advice please!


Hi girls if anyone could give me advice that would be great!

So I got my period on the 14th which is when I usually get it and the first 3 days before I got it my boobs were sore and swollen I have really bad back pain and lower gut pains I couldn't eat anything without feeling sick and my period has been lighter then usual my boobs are still swollen I feel like I want to vomit especially when I smell eggs I feel constipated but then get diarrhoea my backs still sore and I'm really hormonal.

I've been trying with my partner for about 13 months now I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet because I don't wanna get my hopes up and I wanted to see what you guys think might be coursing this???

I never feel like this when I get my period and I haven't even been thinking about a baby for a while now so I know it's not in my head or me overthinking things.