Sweaty Bed Sheets ... HELP


Okay y’all. My husband doesn’t just sweat. He SWEATSSSSS in his sleep. Like, I don’t touch his side of the bed ever because it’s never not damp, sweats.

We’ve only been married 2 years, so we’re still getting rid of “my stuff” and “his stuff” so we can buy “our stuff.” We’re still in the mixed matched house phase, but we’re making big improvements.

Any who, we’re working on our bed room. We’ve got a nice new bedroom suit and a nice rug and we’re about to start decorating.

Our bedroom suit is big dark cherry wood, our rug is white, and our walls are tan with cream baseboards and molding.

Soooooo my question is what kind of aesthetic did y’all with sweaty men go for? Cause this white out farm house vibe is not going to work for us. My light cream colored sheets will never be clean ever again. They’re forever going to be half brown.

I’m thinking I’ll have to do dark sheets and a light comforter. I’m afraid of making the room too dark, the bedroom suit is already so big and dark.

Pics are greatly appreciated, but I have a good imagination. 😂😊

I just need any kind of help.