Just want to share my story

I thought I’d share my fiancé and I story that led up to us dating ❤️

Okay so 5 1/2years ago he came to Toledo to visit his mom . She lived on the same street as me.

Well I use to walk down our street all the time around the same times everyday to go to my friends house , school , or store. Well come to find out he use to sit by his living room window and watch me walk by everyday . One day his mom her boyfriend and him were sitting on the porch when I walked by and his moms bf was like there you go she’s a cutie and he said ik I watch her walk by everyday, they picked on him and told him to ask me for my number. Supposedly he did but I ignored him ( I don’t remember that) but to be fair I ignored anyone that tried Hollering at me when I walked places to protect my self. Well I ended up going to the same school as him and his sister me and his sister were actually friends and I didn’t know she had a brother. One day we both had to stay after school to make up a ss test . Come to find out her brother did too. After we were done I went to walk home and they asked if I wanted a ride I hesitate for a minute but because she said they live on the same street as me I expect the ride. After they drop me off she asked if I wanted to come over so I did . The whole time I’m there her brother is trying to be all over me and flirting with me . It felt like he was a player because how quick he was to be all over me so I told him leave me alone I don’t like you and you’d never have a chance with me . Mean? Yea ik I’m sorry! Anyway he didn’t give up! I hung out with his sister everyday for a few weeks and he’d hangout with us and we’d play fight and I started to flirt back but anytime he asked me out I told him no I wasnt looking for a relationship. HE GAVE UP GUYS!! so knowing me I couldn’t let that happen I was shocked I missed the attention he was giving me I needed to do something fast so the next day at school me and my best friend seen him in the hall and I went up to him and told my best friend hey this is my bae and gave him a hug and walked away . He was confused and asked his sister later that day why I said that and she didn’t know and asked me I laughed and said because he is. After school I walked my best friend home and then went home. He text me and said so I’m bae huh? I said if you come down here and meet my parents you can be , he said I’ll be down there in like 2min 😂 ever since we been together 5 years later