TWW While Being A Dumbass- Real Symptoms Or Side Effect Of New Workout?

Amber • Infertile and depressed

So you know how you get really, super excited to do something, and you don't think about the consequences beforehand? That's where I was when I decided to join a gym during my two week wait, lol! I've got plenty of possible symptoms, but about 75% of them could just be from beginning to work out, so I figured I'd list them all out?

Symptoms Not Attributable To The Gym:

-Mild cold (woke up with this today, I never ever get sick during the summer so this is really odd for me)

-Emotional (had to go to the bathroom to cry after listening to a Lauren Daigle song on the radio!)

-Thirsty AF (like, about 75 to 90 ounces of water a day, not counting things like milk or juice, versus the 48 I normally go through)

-Hot flashes (this one is kind of iffy because I'm always hot, but it's been more noticable lately- it's currently 72 degrees in our house and I'm warm)

- Increase in mucus (all of it- cervical mucus, earwax, eye boogies... if it makes goo, I've got it in spades)

- Sex drive (normally this has faded significantly during this part of my cycle, but it hasn't gone anywhere yet)

Symptoms That Could Be From Working Out:

- Achy

- Sore nipples (I am very heavy in the chest- g cups- so it could just be gravity doing it's thing when I do the elliptical or treadmill lol)

- Twinges in abdomen (I had these especially on 7dpo, but the workout the day before had been really ab heavy, so...)

- White bumps on nipples (so 90% of the sources I found on this said that it was an early sign of pregnancy, or an aftereffect of breastfeeding, but it also could be from wearing a sports bra, so again, idk...)

So in conclusion, I'm pretty sure this is all in my head, but if I hadnt joined that damn gym, I probably would be more confident about whether these are real symptoms or not. So moral of the story, never ever ever join a gym during your tww!!