Poop question: diarrhea?- picture included


Hi everyone,

I need some help. For a little while now my 8 week old has been having much runnier poops that can look quite mucousy and smell stronger (normal smell but stronger).

I honestly didn’t think much of it and wasn’t worried about it up until a few days ago when I decided to google if it was normal. I read that mucous in the stool could be a sign of an allergy or an infection and now I’m super worried and feel awful for not worrying about it sooner. The worst thing is that I don’t even remember when his poo started to change I would say about 2-3 weeks ago. I thought the reason was because I started giving him probiotics which helped a lot with his gassiness, but looks like it might not.

Now regarding an allergy, I don’t eat any diary or soy products, so that makes an allergy less likely. Hence I’m super worried that he might have an infection (even though he doesn’t have a fever).

He also has at least 8 wet diapers a day (so i’m hoping that he isn’t dehydrated). I’m also pretty certain that he has silent reflux plus he has been drooling a lot (which I read could be a cause for mucous in the stool). I should also mention that he is exclusively breastfed.

Now I have an appointment booked with the doctor on tuesday (it’s a postpartum appointment for myself) where I will definitely check with the doctor, I just don’t know if I should seek medical advice earlier. What do you guys think?

Lastly, he is also gaining weight well as I just went and had him checked on Monday (12th of August).

Here is a picture of his poop:

You can see mucousy strings on the side of the diaper. He had two pretty big poops like this today (this one was the smaller one)

And here is a picture of my little man Marcus Rohaan 😁 he is half german and half pakistani

Any help would be greatly appreciated!