Well that's all folks....!


Well ladies... this is it for me. I went to OB Triage yesterday for contractions and they were about to and me home due to being only 1 cm dilated. I was told I was discharged, but as I waited for my after visit summary a person from lab came in and told me that they wanted to run labs first. Long story short, I have preeclampsia and I am being induced tomorrow at 37 weeks. I have all different kinda feels right now. But most of all I just want him to be healthy. This pregnancy is our last (3rd) and our only boy. BUT it's also been no easy feat. With having GD's and being anemic I was kinda over being preggers. But, if you believe in good ju-ju, please send some my way. They said I can be taken to be induced any time after midnight's tonight (CST).

Good luck to all my fellow mamas!!