& the window was open

Today was a day. I’m still not over it and I have to share 🤦🏻‍♀️

Let’s skip over everything and get the shower sex part. The hubs and I were at the pool all day and as soon as we got home, I jumped into the shower and ya girl needed some!! I took a shower and completely finished then called my husband in to “shower together.”

He gets in and of course it starts getting steamy (like literally. Scorching hot water 😂) any who he showers and we start going at it of course. I mean it was so good, it was like my soul is now leaving my body because I can’t breathe kinda thing.

So we take it to the bedroom and mannnn, I rode that so good he started to giggle like a school girl. We’re goin at it. I mean, it’s loud. It’s all pleasure. We’re not thinking of baby making. I’m just thinking of new positions to get in and in the midst of a louuuuud moan, someone shouts “we can hear you ya know!!”

Y’all. Our. bedroom. window. was. open. 😂 sorry to our neighbors, hope y’all enjoyed that cause I know I sure did 👅