Freaking out, pregnancy signs suddenly gone today


I found out 5 days ago that I was pregnant (first time, super excited and happy!) and I took 3 strip tests and 1 Clearblue digital test (all positive) because of these symptoms from the past couple weeks:

- missed period

- tender, sore breasts

- unusual fatigue, almost dozing off at work

- crazy hungry every 2 hours

- slight nausea occasionally

- feeing weirdly “down” and quiet emotionally

I’m at 5-6 weeks, but today I suddenly feel none of the above. I’m freaking out. Trying not to read up too much on miscarriages because I’m scared to even think about it. I don’t have any bleeding, cramping, or pain. It’s just a sudden utter lack of pregnancy symptoms. I read that not all miscarriages involve blood and cramping, some women don’t even realize it til their ultrasound. And a sudden lack of symptoms apparently could also be a sign.

My OBGYN is on vacation so my first appointment is not until 2 weeks later (8/31). I’m afraid I might drive myself crazy thinking about this for the next 2 weeks... did anyone else suddenly have symptoms go away? Does it come and go day by day? Is this normal? 😢😢