Positive pregnancy test and a 15 month old

So I’ve been feeling off I’ve had spotting off and on for the past week and been super tired, nauseous, headache, moody and not hungry. Something told me to take a test.

Well needless to say the test came back positive within 2-3 minutes. I have no idea what I am going to do I am not financially stable to have another baby. My daughters father and I just got back together and were doing good. He has no job at the moment and it’s stressing me out and I might be without a job by the end of the year if they can’t get a new contract. I don’t believe in getting an abortion and I’m not sure how I’d feel about adoption. If I had an adoption how could I explain to my daughter and unborn child why I don’t choice one child. On top of this my parents are going to flip the fuck out on me. I’m 23 but they still treat me like a child. Please just give me words of encouragement.i feel like if I am pregnant then I’m just going to go into hiding