Help please ❤️

I had a d&e 5 weeks ago. I was 15w3d. My mind is going bonkers. I didn’t get blood tests to track my hcg down to 0 but have been doing pregnancy tests now and then to try track it down to negative. 11 days ago I toke clear blue digital and it said “not pregnant” 3-4 days later I toke a easy check pregnancy test that was completely negative not even a faint line or an evaporation line to this day (it was sitting in my draw) 2 days later I re checked with the same brand and it was negative. These tests are 25 mIU/ml sensitivity. I started feeling cramps on my left side and left if for a few days, then decided to test with FRER and it came back with a very faint positive, I read these are the most sensitive tests on the market. I then went to the doctors and toke a 25 mIU/ml test and it came back with a faint positive to, the gave me one to test this morning and it was a tad darker than yesterday but nothing to make me go “wow I’m pregnant” I’ve taken bloods and have to wait a week for the results to see if my hcg is going up. I then brought pregnosis tests the lines are light but definitely visable. I’m just abit confused how I’ve tested negative on different tests but a week and abit later tested with same sensitivity tests and got a faint line. Line isn’t getting any lighter it’s the same if not a tad darker. I have been <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> since a a week and half post D&E. And had been all negative after d&e but I got my first positive ovulation 3 weeks after my d&e then another positive last Thursday, other than that all the test strips have been negative, I also use clear blue digital opk and I got my peak with the test strips confirming, everyday since it’s been a flashing smiley. I have added the test from over a week ago (negative) and the positive tests you can see the faint lines. These are all the same sensitivity. Any insite? I have had sex post d&e after the bleeding stopped. Third photo is the negative test thanks ladies ❣️