Aubree Mae is here!


I got to the hospital around 8 last night for an induction at 39 weeks due to gestational hypertension. Around 9pm they gave me medicine vaginally to ripen my cervix. (Not sure what it was called, but it wasn’t cervidil). Then I had a dose administered orally every 4 hours. I started at 1 cm and was 3cm at around 9 in the morning. They decided to give me the folley balloon then, which I’m not gonna front was the most horrible part of this whole experience. I was immediately hot and nauseous and it hurt sooo badly, not to mention it was so uncomfortable. I labored in the tub for a little but got hot and decided to get back in bed. I laid there getting excruciating contractions that I didn’t even really know were contractions because they weren’t picking up on the monitor and the nurses kept calling it cramping. I got one contraction that was so bad it caused me to vomit and I could actually feel my stomach contract, which was weird because all of my contractions were in my back. I asked for some relief and they administered a pain medicine in my IV which was amazing. It made me feel super out of it and I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. It definitely didn’t take the pain away but it really helped. After a while though it definitely wore off and I was in soo much pain. The mid wife came in and pulled on my balloon it came right out. She checked me and I was 8cm now. I begged for the epidural and she said it wasn’t too late so she went to set that up. The nurse said I had to go pee first so I somehow got out of bed and tried to pee. My water broke and I didn’t even notice it. I wiped and there was my bloody show/ mucus plug. I had a few awful contractions on the toilet and finally got back to the bed. Sitting there waiting for the epidural I had a few more contractions and my water just gushed all over the bed. I apologized for peeing and the nurse was like are you sure? Or did your water break? And I was like if it did we’re keeping it a secret so I can get this epidural. She was like Okayy hahah. The guy gets there and is asking me a million questions and I’m pretty sure I said “just fucking do it”. He’s trying to prep me and I keep having contractions so he’s really struggling. I could feel the needle in y back twice but honestly the pain was making me so delirious I didn’t even really care. While he’s struggling I have another contraction, and I can literally feel her head without even having to touch myself. I scream this and I could hear the nurse telling the other nurse that i was making delivery noises 😂. They finally take me seriously and have my lay back. Immediately the midwife is there and they’re shoving plastic under me which hurt to lift my hips. They can already see her head when I open my legs and I push for 6 minutes and she makes her appearance on the earth. It was the most painful and amazing thing I’ve ever done.

Before I wanted to kill myself.

7lbs2oz 18.5 inches born at 5:03 on August 20th, 2019 💕