RANT!!!! I just need to rant don’t come at me


All day I’ve seen posts about women who are pregnant or faint lines or finding out their pregnant after being a day late on their period. Like I get it. Y’all are excited. BUT IM SITTING HERE 38 DAYS LATE AND FROM THE LAST TEST I TOOK IM STILL NOT PREGNANT!!!! I am beyond frustrated and so discouraged about getting pregnant. My husband and I have almost thought about insemination. I track my cycles ALLL THE TIME!!! Still nothing. I’ve gotten to the point where I literally hate opening this app to record my own stuff because EVERYDAY the first thing that pops up is some one who just found out their pregnant or they just had a baby! It is beyond stressful and frustrating for the people who are high risk to get pregnant. I’m so excited for the ladies having babies or just got pregnant don’t get me wrong I’m stoked for y’all but omg it’s depressing trying to get pregnant for a year and doing everything right and still nothing. It’s so hard.

I just needed to rant. I’m super moody but as of the last test I took, no bun in the oven.