Need to rant 🥵

This is kinda stupid but it’s really pissing me off!!!! So there was this post on instagram where someone posted something about a cringey pov video then the caption said “thoughts about anime?” Then I commented, “I personally think anime is cringey” and got BLASTED by everyone who likes anime. I got called narrow minded and “triggered” at something that I wasn’t simply because I don’t like anime. I literally had to block like 10 people because this has been going on for 8 hours and I’m so annoyed because they keep saying how I don’t have to be so rude about it and how I’m narrow minded once again for having a opinion. Lmao I’m dead. Also, yet again this one girl was fighting with me and I said “well god forbid anyone disagrees with you. Not everyone likes the same things you do.” But nope! Ugh. Like I don’t care if you like it or not the caption literally said thoughts so I gave my thoughts!🤣😒😒