Mother in law issue don’t know where els to post this and I need to get it outta my system


I know this isn’t a place to post this but I need to get this outta my system so I have 2 step daughters and 9 people living in 1 house so the older step daughter asked her little sister to go with her to the bathroom witch I wasn’t worried because my sister in law was in the shower so my little step daughter found a pack of blades Sealed up And my older step daughter found a away to open it and my little daughter cut her finger just a little bit so me and there dad stoped it from bleeding and bandaged It up and gave her a Chocolate egg so anyways 3 hours later his mom walks in and we told her what happen she start screaming and cussing us both and told us we ain’t fit to be parents and where not gonna be good parents to the new baby that’s comeing we told her kids are going to get hurt all the time but she don’t listen so now we have guest over and she’s telling them how bad of parents we are I just don’t know what to do anymore every time these kids cry or get hurt it’s are faults and she makes us feel like kids