Sleep tips!


Hopefully this can help some of you because it has changed my life! My 5 month old used to sleep decently well...would wake up around 2 am and then around 5 am and would be awake for the day at 9. But about a week ago she started waking every 1.5-2 hours. All. Night. Long. I was a mess. I just so happened to be reading the book Bringing up Bébé and while I don’t agree with a lot of it, I sooooo recommend the sleep advice!!!!! I started with nap time and would wait until she’s tired, swaddle her and get her cozy and just lay her down. Then I time her. She would fuss on and off for maybe 5 minutes and then passed out! All on her own! Then same at night. Instead of picking her up, cuddling her, feeding her, I’m teaching her to fall asleep on her own after each of her REM sleep cycles. So the first night she woke up after 2 hours asleep and fussed. I just let her fuss and honestly...less than 5 minutes later she put herself to sleep!!! Last night was night #2 and she didn’t fuss at all!! I heard her wake up, wiggle and kick her legs a bit, and then fall back asleep! First whole night where I wasn’t up with her!

If you’re having problems getting your LO to sleep I sooooo recommend this book’s sleep advice! Game changing!!