SO has been negative about the pregnancy

I’m 36+2 weeks and my SO just keeps saying that he doesn’t want any more babies and wishes we could’ve just adopted because he said he isn’t changing any diapers. He also says he’s getting a vasectomy after the baby is born... he’s only 19. and I told him I would like more kids in the future and asked if we could discuss it and he just goes nope I don’t want any more more kids. Then he just kept repeating “you know how many kids I want? None” I wouldn’t even say anything back and he still felt the need to repeat it. This baby wasn’t planned, but you would think by now that he would be more warmed up to the thought of the baby. We’ve been together for 3 years and have lived together for a year.

I feel so disrespected when he refers to me as his “pregnant girlfriend.” And then the person will say congratulations and he’ll say no fml. I’m just hurt because I feel like I’ll be doing this alone and I wouldn’t be able to leave the baby with him because I don’t want him sitting in his poop or pee the whole time. He also said he doesn’t do well with no sleep and that I better hope this baby doesn’t break us apart. A part of me feels like I should leave now, but I’ve always wanted my kids to have both parents because I didn’t have that. I’m just hoping things change after he’s born.

Has anyone had any similar experience and things worked out after the baby? Or any advice to include him more in the pregnancy and after the baby so he forms a better connection with him? I’m sorry if this was hard to read I was a bit emotional while typing this..