My Horrible grandmother


Growing up I was always really short compared to other girls but I was much chunkier. Even now I weigh 242 pounds but I’m not super large because of the way I carry my weight. My grandmother has told me my entire like about how if I was skinny I would be pretty and boys would like me. Or that I should stop dressing like a boy and wear tight clothing to be so embarrassed about myself that I lose weight. I recently got a boyfriend and she made comments about my size and if he likes me at this size. She has always compared me to my childhood friends and cousins about how skinny they got and how pretty they are now. She has never told me im beautiful. She just tells me about how I should lose weight so I can be pretty. Any thoughts or comments from anyone? I just needed to talk about the things she has said to me. Also, I am her only grandchild.