My girl is 10 months old. Sleeping has been a issue for such a long time but now i don't have a clue what to do.

She has a 2 hour nap in the morning from 9-10 till 11-12 depending what time she falls asleep.

She has a afternoon nap between 2-3 she has anything from a hour. Her wake window is 3-4 hours between naps.

Nightimes she have a bath about 6.45 and in bed by 7.00 have her last bottle and go to sleep. This is where I'm having the problem she wakes up at half 2 in the morning have a bottle and be wide awake and stay awake up too 3 hours, i can leave her in her cot but she starts crying, i can rock her, hold her but nothing, this morning i was so tired i was holding her in bed and pass out I'm going back to work soon and 6 weeks pregnant, i don't know what to do. My partner is getting annoyed at me because she is sleeping next to us but I'm so tired. Is it a sleep regression again i just don't know. She has been doing it for the past week 😟😟.