How do you know it’s right?


I was offered a job yesterday. Rather than being super happy. It’s just made me worried and nervous thinking about leaving my current job. I cried several times last night thinking about it.

For the most part I enjoy my current job. I’m good at it, and my boss is the sweetest! But there are hard things like super disrespectful kids and being in charge of those in detention (I work at a 5th and 6th grade school.)

The new job would be at a daycare. I love little kids so much! But I have worked in childcare before and dealing with licensing rules sucks sometimes.

But the new job is about 20 miles away, and I honestly hate driving, especially in snow or ice. Plus the added expense of gas. When I factor that in, I don’t think I’d be making much more money, if at any at all. I was initially told I would make at least $11/hour. But how they are saying I would start at $9.50. I will try to negotiate that still.

I think I would feel bad leaving my current job because the school year has already started, but I am an at-will employee and can quit at any time. I’d just feel bad.

Being off work in the summers is a great help too! I babysit to make extra money, and I’m free to help out with our church youth group where I am very involved. We take 2 week-long trips each summer, and I would be so sad to have to give that up.

Do my nervous feelings mean this isn’t the right move? Any advice?