Priscilla • August 22 👶🏻💘

I just need to vent** Yesterday 08/20/19, my due date I was scheduled to go to the hospital and get induced. They told me to call at 4 am to see if there was beds. Turns out there wasn’t, they had a full floor and wouldn’t have any beds until maybe the afternoon. I get a call in the afternoon saying that I will be scheduled today 08/21/19 at 6 am to get induced but to call at 5 am to make sure there’s a bed for me. I just called and they don’t have a bed!! I’m just so frustrated because they just have me going in circles. I have to call back again around 7 am to see if there’s beds or they’ll call me before 7 in case they do. I just wish I could go into labor naturally so I wouldn’t have to be doing this :(