My mom is creating drama and tension around my unborn child!

Ok this post my be long but I’ll try to sum it up the best I can. So I live with my mother and my baby’s father lives with his parents. My mom is extremely excited that she’s having a grandchild and can’t wait until he comes BUT my mom seems to be forgetting that he has another family which is my child’s fathers side. She doesn’t want the baby over at his house too much and she rather the baby at our house. I don’t think that’s fair because both families should get to experience the new born. My mom isn’t too fond of his side of the family because in her “culture” if a guy gets a girl pregnant, his family must come over and introduce themselves to the girls family. Now I tried to explain to her that just cause that’s her culture doesn’t mean that ppl are gonna follow it. I didn’t let them meet on purpose because she was just so mind boggled at the fact that his family never came over to meet. Keep in mine I didn’t let it happen because I felt like she would offend them. I tried to break it down to her but she just doesn’t get it so I didn’t set up the meeting and told her she would meet them at the baby shower. My fathers parents were looking forward to meeting her at the baby shower and when they did. She was awkward and stand offish🤦🏿‍♀️. They continue to extend the olive branch but she’s just stuck in her ways. Me and my mom aren’t that close and I tend to drift to his side of the family more because I like the dynamic. My mom has this sense of entitlement and it really irks me. I understand that this is her first grandchild but she needs to understand that I will be making the decisions when it comes to MY child. She’s not too happy but what can I do? I plan on having his mom and my mom in the delivery room🥴 hopefully it’s not awkward. Any who what are you honest opinions?