Called my first love through my company phone

He didn't answer.

10m later he returned call. I answered it but didn't talk.

He called again. I still didn't talk.

Now I'm worried he's gonna keep calling my company phone until I tell him who tf I am. Looool. So I texted him that I dialed incorrectly and that he should ignore the call earlier. The struggle is that that company phone is being shared by me and my coworker. I blocked his number now on that phone. It's not too obvious bec there's so many blocked numbers on that phone.

Just needed to rant this out here. Good lord I'm kinda nervous that he'll use a friends phone to call and I'll answer only for him to recognize my phone. Fuck.


I just wanted to hear his voice ok. Things didn't work out with us. No I don't wanna fix it or us. I just wanted to his his voice. that's it. Ktnxbye.