Sleep sex or sexting idk what to call it

Anyway you all ways here of sleep walkers or sleep talkers but have you ever delt with someone who sleep trys having sex 😂

So my fiancé was dead asleep so I was trying to fall asleep also next thing ik my fiancé rolls over and rams him dick up against my ass and starts saying oh yea baby you like that I was like what are you doing are you sleeping and he didn’t answer so I tried moving away and he grabs me and says were you going a chuckles and I said I thought you were sleeping, he still doesn’t respond to that and says suck my dick baby it feels so good when you suck my dick so I said okay and I didn’t do it I just said do you like that he said yes baby it feels so good 😂 man when I tell you I fell out laugh I couldn’t handle it I New for sure he was sleeping 😂 so I told him ok let me go to the bathroom and I’ll come ride your dick he said okay and when I got back he didn’t try anything anymore and was back to sleep sleeping 😂 but I really was about to fuck him and see if he woke up or remembered in the morning