I just want to see my BFP!

Rosey • First time Mommy to beautiful princess 🤱🏽🎀 Trying for baby #2

I am overwhelmed with anxiety because I just want to see my BFP! Hubby and I have a 1 1/2 year old baby girl and we are dying to give her a sibling she LOVES babies and I feel like she’s so lonely she cries when we have to leave her cousins or little friends at the pool. We have been trying for a 1 year & 1 month to get pregnant. I’m just PRAYINGGGGG this is our month! 😩🙏🏽 currently 4 DPO (according to glow) Ive been having some slight cramping kinda feels like AF camps but a little lighter. That’s about it. Ladies please send baby dust my way!! Take a look at my little family below ❤️